Fossil Fuel Chamber

Hailing all the way from Shanghai - Steven Guo collaborates with local sneaker artist Edmond Looi to create the first ever Fossil Fuel chamber.

It is cast from the actual handcrafted AF1 Rebel Dino. The debut creation is finished in a white glaze with traditional blue colors. The process ensures every detail is captured and casted accurately with no missing or blotched details.

Each masterpiece is burnt that eventually forms a mold that can produce up to 25 pieces of the casted porcelain to preserve the texture and details.

To celebrate its debut, Edmond Looi teams up with local gallery Aspace and caudex lover, the_plant to exhibit and present a collection of Fossil Fuel Chamber 1.0

A total of 20 pieces of Fossil Fuel Chamber, merchandise (Shirts and Prints) are available online and on ground on 1st - 2nd October 2022.